Security Solutions



Wireline provides a number of managed services as part of our data and voice offerings such as DNS, web and email filtering to provide you a complete solution on a single bill.

Web Filtering

Protect your network, increase employee productivity all while providing a superior network experience.

Our transparent web filtering service scans web traffic for viruses and malware on any of our fixed or mobile data services. Our service also provides content filtering with full control over blocking categories or sites and also traffic prioritisation and shaping on a per website basis. Content filtering can be performed on a whitelist or blacklist basis. Policies can be applied to a total of 20 categories such as pornography, gambling, time wasting, medical, blogs, etc.


Email Filtering

Protect your network, save employee productivity, stop Spam and viruses. Our email filtering service scans your emails for viruses, spam and malware before sending it to your mail server.

A variety of policies can be applied to emails including blocking of messages or marking them so that internal policies can be used to place messages in particular folders or quarantine buckets.