Fixed Voice Solutions



Fixed Voice

Wireline bring you the best possible multi carrier voice solutions to support your business. We offer unbeatable costs effective pricing for enterprise that delivers best of breed solution to suit your budget and matches or enhances your existing voice technologies.

Wireline examine your existing voice solutions and then offer the most cost effective solution that can be provided with existing or higher service availability.

Traditional PSTN

Wireline offer access to traditional PSTN using POTS and ISDN services using exceptionally low wholesale call rates. These services are delivered either as Telstra Wholesale Re-bill or delivered directly via ULL depending on availability and mixed-and-matched to your requirements.

Access Type Available Carriers
ISDNTelstra Re-bill ISDN 2/10/30, AAPT ULL 30
PSTNTelstra Re-bill PSTN, Optus ULL

Your services can be seamlessly transfered from your existing carriers while maintaining the same business service levels.


VoIP - Hosted PABX and SIP Trunk

Wireline offers SIP trunking to your own VoIP PABX or a hosted Virtual PABX. Our VoIP services allow you to deliver sophisticated services to your business users such as email based voice mail delivery, teleconferencing and free intraoffice dialling.

Wireline offer exceptional VoIP services levels when combined with our fixed data network as our DPI-based QoS allows VoIP traffic to be prioritised over other data traffic.

Wireline offer and end-to-end VoIP solution including handset with fully documented solution designs and business case benefits.

1300 Inbound

Wireline provides porting, registration and termination of 13/1300 inbound numbers for your customers to contact your organisation at a flat untimed rate.

Wireline can offer a variety of sophisticated routing features for your 1300 number including overflow, time and caller location based routing.

We offer seamless transition from your existing provider.