Mobile Voice and Data



Mobile and Wireless Data

Wireline delivers a range of 3G mobile data access solutions to meet government requirements. This includes solutions which use 3G mobile broadband as a secondary fail-over access technology to fixed line data or also as a mobile workforce solution with tablets or PCs.

Wireline receives layer 2 delivery of 3G mobile broadband which allows features such as IPVPN and static IP addresses to be deployed. This means that you can have the most secure and robust mobile solution for your business accessing company data from customer sites Australia wide. Using our efficient mobile networks to provide a secure private connection from a mobile device back to your Private IP Network means that Mobile Broadband VPN can reach your fixed WAN network. Key features of the service include:

  • Monthly or yearly data quotas
  • A Dedicated business Access Point Name (APN)
  • Static IP Address for mobile devices
  • Termination of the mobile connection to your own data network.
  • Single bill with your other services