Infrastructure as a Service

Do you want the flexibility and commercial advantage of operating your own layer two network?

Would you like to operate a POP in a remote location but don't have the capital or man-power to deploy?

Our Infrastructure as a Service provides a full virtual layer two DSL network that you can control and interconnect with your own suppliers for both IP and AGVC. We provide:

  • Full B2B interface using SOAP/XML
  • Full control over LNS including shaping, unshaping, profiles
  • Capability to utilise our DPIaaS offering at the same time
  • RADIUS AAA to your infrastructure or by SOAP/XML

How does it work?

Your operational and billing systems interact with our standard SOAP/XML interfaces in order to provision and manage services to your business rules.

We terminate your end-user connection and manage all aspects of their network admission and control. You get on with running your business and leave the capital and operational expenses of running your own network behind.

Contact us today about deploying our IaaS offering.

DPI as a Service

Deep packet inspection technology analyses data flows in a network to identify protocols and behaviours using heuristic and pattern based technology. It allows you to accurately identify traffic such as P2P and then apply policies based upon your requirements.

Do you want to apply deep packet inspection (DPI) based Quality of Service or analysis to your network but can't justify the five or six figure price tag for a high quality DPI solution?

Properly implemented DPI based QoS solutions allow you to:

  • Save money on transit and bandwidth
  • Provide superior customer experience
  • Fine grained network analysis and reporting
  • Usage dispute resolution
  • No large capital outlay

Our DPI aaS service allows you to purchase DPI capacity on a per-megabit basis. The production includes:

  • Full deep packet inspection capability to allow fine grained traffic management (prioritisation and/or shaping) on applications, not just ports, including:

    • P2P: BitTorrent, BitTorrent Encrypted, eDonkey, etc
    • VoIP: SIP, Skype and other popular protocols
    • Video: Youtube, ABC iView, Flash, iTunes
    • Business: Citrix, IPVPN, SSL, IPSec, SSH
    • Gaming: Xbox, PS3, PC Games
    • Malicious traffic: Trojans, viruses, Spam
    • Apply rules with time-based parameters
    • Captive portal based upon on rules
  • Comprehensive traffic reports to analyse your network traffic
  • IEEE 802.1q hand-off to 1Gbit/s
  • Service aware integration with RADIUS
  • Available at the following data centres:
    • Global Switch, Sydney
    • Equinix, Sydney

Unrivalled Network Intelligence

Our unique DPIaaS platform provides unrivalled insight into your network on a per-user or network basis.

In addition to applying sophisticated policies and network quality of service, you can observe each individual protocol used on either an individual service or the network as a whole on both inbound, outbound and the number of TCP/UDP connections on a time-series basis.

Track every protocol used on your network and ascertain what proportion of utilisation and when each is used. Our systems can detect thousands of protocols including:

  • HTTP, HTTP Download, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo
  • Youtube SD, Youtube HD, Vimeo, ABC iView
  • Citrix, RDP, SSH
  • SIP VoIP, Skype, RDP
  • Malicious virus or suspicious email traffic

Regular reports are emailed to you in PDF and CSV format allowing trending or other analysis to occur so you can operate your network at optimum by adjusting your policies and capacity.

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