Wholesale Voice

We provide access to the PSTN rebill voice network with the following features:

  • Full B2B interface for ordering using SOAP/XML
  • Rated and un-rated CDRs via B2B
  • Residential and Business line rental
  • Local and National calls at exceptionally low rates
  • International calls starting at less than 1c/min

Embrace a new revenue stream

Tens of millions of Australians rely on their home phone for reliable, inexpensive communication.

Many small retailers neglect offering voice services because of the complex and expensive setup and market entry requirements. We've removed all these barriers with our PSTN voice services.

Land line PSTN voice services provides a new revenue stream for many Internet service providers struggling to complete in the tight marketplace. By bundling PSTN voice with other services, you have an opportunity to:

  • Attract new customers
  • Lower service costs
  • Increase margins

Contact us today on combining voice services with your retail offerings.